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How to Finding the Right Lender?

Finding a lender or mortgage broker who will help a buyer understand getting financing is one of the first questions a lot of buyers ask us. Here is what I tell everyone:

  • First, talk with more than one lender or mortgage broker. You are giving them very important information, so you need to trust them.
  • Second, ask questions before you let them pull your credit. It is important that you are comfortable with them. There are a couple of articles below to help with this.
  • Third, make sure you understand all the fees and terms before letting them pull your credit. Multiple credit pulls lowers your credit score. Also, understand that your credit score will be different than what the lender or mortgage broker sees.


  • 10 Questions to Ask Mortgage Broker or Lender
  • 10 Questions to Ask Mortgage Lender

Local Lenders:

Jamie Harrington – Home for Heroes

Office: (828)-312-8235



Michael Kilby – Amerifirst Mortgage

Office: (828)261-0808



George Bolter – Peoples Home Equity

Office: (828)855-9525

Mobile: (828)446-2901